Schedule and Dues





Saturday Children’s Class

Sunday – open mat.
10:00am – 11:30
A chance for current members to come in an work on test requirements and practice outside of normal class. Current members only – not a day to come observe or try out.


Plano Aikido Center is a nonprofit organization. Dues are collected by members and are used for the good of all members to pay for the practice location, insurance, and organization taxes and status. Regular instructors (non-seminar instructors) are unpaid and donate their time to the center.

Monthly Membership Dues:

  • $70 per adult full membership;
  • $55 per adult for twice per week practice
  • Student membership $40 for 3 days per week.

Family Discount – applied to adult memberships (not Children’s Class)

  • 2nd family member – $10 discount
  • 3rd family member – $15 discount
  • 4th and more – $5 discount each
  • Total family membership caps at $120
Firefighters, Military, and Police discount:
  • $10 discount per month.

Children’s Class:

  • $35 per child, for Saturday morning children’s class.
  • A parent may practice with the child for an extra $10 ($45 total) — Required for any child under 7.
  • The “family discount” above doesn’t apply to Kids Class, except for the Total Family membership cap. (each child costs $35 per month).

Annual Dues:

* Kyu Book – $15.00 due when kyu book issued, $10 each February 1st thereafter
* U.S. Aikido Federation dues – $30.00 due only when taking first kyu test (and each February thereafter for ranked students)

Payment Methods:

* Direct Draft Checking (preferred):  supply a voided check and monthly fees with be automatically drafted. This can be canceled at any time.
* Check: make payable to Plano Aikido
* Major Credit Cards:  a form can be provided by Plano Aikido members
* All monthly dues are due by the 5th of each month