Kyu Testing

Most of us start focusing on specific Aikido techniques in preparation for a Kyu test. We usually consider Kyu level as a “social” status and reaching the black belt level is the ultimate goal for practicing a martial art.

When I was a child, I perceived a person with black belt as a super man. When I passed my Shodan, it didn’t felt that way. At that time, I realized that mastering Aikido would take a life long time, if ever. Since then, my path has changed direction. Instead of trying to achieve perfection, I keep practicing Aikido seeking for improving now and then without an ultimate objective. You will see, each step in your life, when you look back the achievements you accomplished and that is the fuel that makes me keep practicing Aikido.

Kyu test should be considered as a way to let aikidokas see where they are in the study of Aikido instead of considering it as an objective. If you are ready, there is no reason you would fail the test.

A Zen saying: “Aim the target and you will miss it. Aim beyond the target and you will always hit it”.

See you all at class.

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