Plano Aikido Center Library

Dojo members have access to the following books and DVDs, provided both by our dojo funds and various donations. Contact Bob Loftin if you wish to borrow one of these items.

Three Budo Masters by John Stevens
Best Aikido – The Fundamentals by Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Moriteru Ueshiba
The Aikido Master Course – Best Aikido 2 by Moriteru Ueshiba
Aikido by Kisshomaru Ueshiba
The Spirit of Aikido by Kisshomaru Ueshiba
Complete Aikido by Roy Suenaka
Aikido Basics by Phong Thong Dang
The New Aikido Complete by Yoshimitsu Yamada

Principles of Aikido by Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba
Aikido Ukemi – Meeting the Mat by Donovan Waite. Here is a clip from the video.