Schedule and Dues




10am – 11:30am


Plano Aikido Center is a nonprofit organization. Dues are collected by members and are used for the good of all members to pay for the practice location, insurance, and organization taxes and status. Regular instructors (non-seminar instructors) are unpaid and donate their time to the center.

Plano Aikido Center operates in a teaching agreement with Plano Parks & Recreation, at Oak Point Recreation Center.

The cost per month is $100 per month for Plano residents, and $104 per month for non-residents.

You can sign up through Plano Parks & Recreation on a monthly basis. The online catalog is done by season – Summer, Fall, Winter. Summer sign-ups beginĀ  on May 7, 2022. Use this link to find the Aikido classes. You can sign up for the entire season at once.

Annual Dues: payable to the dojo

* Kyu Book – $15.00 due when kyu book issued, $10 each February 1st thereafter
* U.S. Aikido Federation dues – $45.00 due only when taking first kyu test (and each February thereafter for ranked students)