A long hot summer…

Well fellow aikidoists, it’s been a long, hot summer, and it looks like we have a few more weeks to go. Luckily the dojo has AC and of course some big fans, so we’ve had some great practices.

Over the last few month’s Plano Aikido Center has gained quite a few new students, which is great. The Saturday kids class is going well, with all the students progressing nicely.

Let’s keep up the great momentum. If you haven’t been to practice for a while c’mon back and get thrown around!

Finally, congratulations of David Rush, who passed his 2nd kyu  test today, and Pawel Kijowski, who passed his 3rd kyu test. We have a lot of brown belts now, with more on the way.

As always, thanks to Shiba Sensei, Shawn, and Mark, for the excellent and patient instruction.

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