New Dojo Management Software

We are now using Zen Planner to track class attendance, process your payments, maintain membership records, etc.

This system is intended to make it easy for you, our members, to keep your membership information up to date.

The system DOES use the secure HTTPS protocol. It appears here on our website via “iFrame” — which causes the Zen Planner site to appear in a virtual window here on our site. You can also log in directly at .

You also have the ability to pay your monthly dues using this system.

You can “reserve” your spot in class 48 hours ahead of time. Reserving your spot insures that your attendance is counted, as Sensei will later log in and record everyone who was in class.

It is your responsibility to check your account, again by logging in here on this website, to make sure your attendance is correct. I suggest you check it on a weekly basis. If it is not correct you may contact Shiba Sensei via email to correct your record. But the idea is to put this mostly in the hands of our members.

Once you have logged in, your profile will appear appear here on our website. The system is very, very simple to use. Click the various tabs and explore. It’s really very cool. It will tell you have many classes you’ve had since your last test, etc. We are working to get all of this information from the last year into the system. Really a great tool for tracking your progress and planning for the future.

Bob Loftin
Web Monkey.

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