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Everyone that practices Aikido understands how it effects and enriches the rest of their lives. I have had the amazing opportunity to share how Aikido has helped me balance my self and my life in a CNN.COM/Living article. Tricia Escobedo of Peachtree Aikikai made it happen and Mary Fuller influenced my story with her writing expertise. I thank both of them sincerely. This articles was a group effort from three accomplished women, in Aikido and professionally. The report is an expression of our shared experience. Please enjoy it.

In addition, in conjuction with Kidvision VPK TV in Florida, I have put together a televised field trip to Florida Aikikai demonstrating “The Educational Benefits of Aikido For Children.” This is a wonderful program I have been working on, and this link might help educate potential students at your dojo on why aikido is such a great martial art for kids.

Thank You
Penny Bernath
Florida Aikikai
6th Dan
United States Aikido Federation

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